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Ben was here? That was so cool! I wanted to rush out to greet him, hum Lucci halted my movements. I turned and tilted my head in question.

“You need you clean up for the day, unless you wish to greet him in your birthday suit,” Lucci smugly said. I felt my head burst up in a heat of embarrassment and I darted my gaze away. I untangled myself from him and was about to make a beeline for the bathroom, but Lucci pulled me back in and nuzzled my neck lovingly. “Let’s go together.”

I immediately agreed, not knowing what he implied. That led to the most interesting shower of my life.

Once we were done washing up after our activities, Lucci lent me some clothes that were definitely too big for me, and led me downstairs by the hand. I smiled at the display of affection. I just hoped Ben wouldn’t shoot Lucci in between the eyes because of it. That horrifying thought aside, my smiled widened as I greeted my family member. I had a lot of male figures in my life, I noted. Maybe Nami was right, I needed a woman’s touch in my life. When she first said that to me, I just blatantly pointed out how I preferred a man’s touch and that’s sort of how I came out to her. Needless to say, not having a mom or sister was tough, but I had Nami, Vivi, Bonney, even Monet! I always liked meeting new people and it didn’t matter if they were a man or woman to me. Ben’s voice yanked me out of my thoughts.

“Luffy, you’re spacing out again,” he said. His mouth fiddled with a cigarette as he spoke. I was about to ask what he said, but he held a hand up. “I know, I need to repeat what I said.” I just sheepishly grinned at him. He knows me so well! He’s also the smartest guy I know! Before I could get any deeper into my thoughts, Ben snapped his fingers in front of my face. “Oi, attention span needs to be here at the moment, okay?” I nodded. Crossing his arms, Ben started, “So, before anything else, you have thirty seconds to explain to me why I’m at his,” he gestured to Lucci, “house instead of your apartment, why you’re wearing his clothes-,” I gulped. How’d he know? “-They’re way too big for you and I estimated that they could fit him, also you both are holding hands,” he elaborated. “And given all that, I assume the worst, so why am I not putting a bullet through his head?” Ben checked his fancy watch. “Thirty seconds. Go.”

I was really bad at stuff like this! Oh damn, what do I do? I guess I could try to answer those million questions he threw at me, but my brain hurt! “Uh…” I mumbled. “Lucci’s my boyfriend and… uh… we had a party to celebrate my birthday! Yeah!” I grinned. “I stayed over and uh… we, well, you kind of figured it out… and you won’t gun him down because you’re in a really great mood today?” I squeaked out the last part really fast.

Ben stared at me, and then at Lucci. He sighed then scratched the back of his head. “Well how much do you know about each other?”

This time, Lucci spoke, “He knows of my previous connection to Enies Lobby and CP9. I know of his current connection to the Akagami family.”

Ben had an exasperated look on his face. He looked so done with everything. “Well, shit…,” he took a drag and then spoke, “‘Two households, both alike in dignity…’” he smirked. “Don’t let it end that way,” he warned, “or any other tragic way, this isn’t Shakespeare. I want Luffy to be able to make his own decisions, and also to be happy. If he found that in you, then alright.”

“Alright?” I repeated.

“Yeah.” I broke out of Lucci’s hand to hug Ben. He huffed with a smirk, and then returned the hug. “One more thing,” he promised. “I brought you the family’s gift to you. Here,” he let go and handed me a large wrapped box. “We could’ve just sent it, but how many times do I get to see you? And with this,” he motioned to Lucci and me, “whole deal, I’m going to have to face a bitchfit from Shanks, so thanks in advance for that, but we really were considering having you move to Ireland permanently after you graduate.” My eyes widened.

“Living with you guys in Ireland…?” I responded. Ben nodded.

“But we’ll have to work things out considering you have him.”

I smiled fondly at Ben. He always knew what I was thinking. “Yeah… I mean, living with everyone would be amazing, but I want a life with Lucci. When I left for a couple years, I missed him so much. But I knew I was coming back to see him so I could push through it. I couldn’t imagine living knowing I was never going to see him again.”

Ben whistled. “I haven’t seen you care for someone so much since Ace.” I blushed like a tomato at his words. Did he know how I felt about Ace? Or worse, did he tell anyone? I was still confused at how I was emotionally drawn towards Ace, but I knew there was a line brothers shouldn’t cross. I was never able to cross that line and I probably never should. Ace didn’t feel the same way, it was obvious he was oblivious. Hehe, that was cleverly funny to think of, I guess. I wonder what would happen if I said it aloud…

“Oh boy, we’ve lost him again,” came Ben’s voice.


Ben mentioned that he would stay about a month or two in the States, and then return home. He still trusted Lucci “about as far as he could throw him”, whatever that meant, and would keep an eye on him for safety reasons. Yeesh, couldn’t Lucci get a break here?! First it was Ace, then it was CP9, oh yeah, and Bonney kicked him somewhere in between there, now the Family? Everyone was out to get him! He was, as Vivi would say, “Persona non grata(1)”. She takes Latin, isn’t that cool? It sounds like she’s speaking five languages at once. She says it’s because Latin is the root of many words in western languages. Vivi knows all kinds of neat stuff.

Speaking of knowing things, I had to study for the OP test really badly! It wasn’t well-known as an exam for colleges, but if you passed it, you’d have a guaranteed seat in Shinsekai. It was in only three months! I sob inwardly every time I have to study for it. Lucci and Ace agreed on something for once. They wanted me to focus on my studies for this test, and have helped me stay on track. They take away my food if I don’t focus, the meanies! Even so, I concentrate a whole lot better when they do so. Don’t tell them I said that.

Raftel was a mysterious place to me. However, Ace told me that he knew a few people who went there and the area it’s in is pretty safe. You just have to watch out for certain people, like the rivaling Supernovas. I already knew to watch out for Kid, because he’s seriously scary when he’s competitive. Law isn’t someone I worry too much about because he’s never done anything to hurt me, and I trust him. He’s just devilishly smart… and attractive... That could be a distraction when I’m taking the test if he’s in the room. Maybe if I come in wearing sunglasses, a Hawaiian shirt, and a beard, Law won’t recognize me. That way he can’t use his good looks to distract me! I’ll even go under a fake name, “Lucy”. I’ve got it all figured out. Take that, Law.

I heard a distant sneeze(2) somewhere, but chose to ignore it.
Miss D Chapter 14

I have returned!:happybounce:  My grandfather was very sick and then passed away, that was my reason for being gone for such a long period of time. 
:( (Sad) 
1- Literally "unwanted person". My mother took Latin and uses this phrase when my dog is in trouble. Only she mixes it up and calls him "Doggy non grata"
2- It's believed in Japan that when you sneeze, it means someone's talking about you, or in this case, thinking.


3- Commander?
4- Commander, it's time
5- Specifically, what time is it?

A loud knocking came at the double doors. It was insistent, and to all extents, annoying as hell. Without warning, they swung open, slamming against the wall in retaliation, and a male figure entered the bedroom.

“Ceannasaí(3)?” he asked. A muffled groan came as a reply. The figure strode down the lightly curved steps on the left instead of the right. His commander preferred it that way. Enter down on the left, exit up on the right. “Ceannasaí, tá sé in am(4).”

“Go sonrach, cén t-am é(5)?”

Dead silence. A very smooth, musical Irish voice slipped into English tongue. His accent sprinkled into his words, but not so deep that he was incomprehensible. “Time for me to shove my foot up your arse if you don’t get up." He put a hand through his long hair, and brushed the golden mane out of his eyes.


"And here I thought I wasn't a morning person." Red hair peaked out of the covers. "Usually you don't wake me up unless we have a meeting, or something comes up." With a yawn, a stretch that came with a porn-star groan that made the other man very uncomfortable, and a crack of the back, the redhead sat up. "What's so important that you needed to disturb my beauty sleep, oh dear subordinate of mine? Shouldn't you be studying for that test? The OR-whatsit?"


"The OP Exam," the blond corrected.


"Yeah, it's in three months right?" The redhead leaned against his mountain of pillows with silk cases. "At any rate, we should get you to the States... Ben's already there, y'know?"


"I was informed. Did he meet the Young Master?" he inquired.


"You shouldn't be so formal, Luffy's family after all. As soon as we get the word, he'll come home," a smile lit up the room. "You miss him, right?"


A light blush on sun-kissed skin appeared as the blonde averted his gaze. "That's irrelevant."


"I'm sure he misses you, too."


"It's unlikely that he'll remember me."


"How on God's green earth are you the Massacre Man of the Akagami Family when at the same time you have absolutely no confidence when it comes to Luffy?!" the redhead sighed, exasperated. After a brief moment of silence between the two, he spoke again, "Killer, you know how dense he can be. If you don't tell him how you feel, he'll never know."




A tense silence broke out. Killer knew Shanks was right. He had been in love with the boy since they had met, but there was no telling what could happen in their line of work. He could die on any order or be forced to be undercover and never see Luffy again. Moreover, Luffy was protected by Roronoa Zoro and Portgas D. Ace.


Rumors of CP9 in the U.S. had been rising and Killer knew a war between families could start. Their allies were strong but with the Boa Family undecided, it was a matter of who got to Russia first to win them over. That would change the tide of the fight and possibly have Cipherl Pol back down. But for now, things were in the mist.

"Killer, why did you wake me up?"

"You have a call from Sir Beckman. He said it was urgent."

  • Mood: Daily Needs
Just thought you'd guys would like to know.
  • Mood: Daily Needs
Just thought you'd guys would like to know.

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